Therapy alone

Couples therapy together
A couple typically participates in therapy for 1½ hours
from one to three times a month.  
The fee for the first session is $75.
The fee for the following sessions is adjusted
according to the annual income of the participants.

Couple's annual income -------------- Fee pr. session

Up to $30,000 ----------------------------------- $75

$30,000 - 60,000 ------------------------------- $90

$60,000 - 100,000 ------------------------------ $120

over $100,000 ----------------------------------- $150

Intensive couples therapy
Introductory meeting plus 5 pre-booked therapy sessions.
The fees are the same as for couples therapy together

Couples therapy alone - individual therapy
Client is typically in therapy for one hour, once a week or every 14 days.
The fee is $75 pr. session.