"Love is not two pairs of eyes
looking deeply into each other.
Love is two pairs of eyes
looking in the same direction"
D. D. Runes (1902-1982)

Intensive couples therapy

Intensive couples therapy provides an opportunity for working quickly and intensively on clearing up the problems in your relationship.

We begin with an introductory meeting of 1½ hours.
Thereafter 5 meetings of 1½ hours each – all within the next 10 days. Meetings can be arranged mornings, afternoons, evenings or
on weekends – according to your needs.

Intensive couples therapy helps you to:
- focus and concentrate on resolving your difficulties
- support each other as much as possible, and
- work on rapidly incorporating your wishes for a better relationship
   into your lives

For further information – call +45 - 50 35 28 76