Therapy alone

”A good divorce”
Parting of the ways with dignity!

Almost every second marriage today ends in divorce.
The numbers for cohabitating couples are even higher.
Two persons who once were in love no longer feel joyful together
and decide to go their separate ways.

A breakup can be a serious comedown for all involved – the husband, the wife, the children, families and friends. But it can also be the start of a new and hopeful life with many joys and opportunities.

During the breakup and shortly afterwards it is difficult to imagine how one's new situation can turn out. And it can be difficult to talk with each other without re-experiencing guilt, disappointment, pain, sorrow and anger.

A couples' therapist can help.

In couples therapy the couple is provided with an opportunity to express emotions without feeling alone. Disputes and misunderstandings can be worked through, needs and wishes can be discussed and understandings can be reached.

For further information call the couples therapist at +45 - 50 35 28 76.